Come visit this special shop that offers a wide selection of jewelry, mostly custom-designed. Their passion for the finest quality materials and craftsmanship is demonstrative in every piece. Nupen Jewelers is not happy until the customer is thrilled.

The Nupen Heritage

Since 1966, Nupen Jewelers has built a brand around several qualities, with sentiment being in the forefront. Spanning seven generations of family jewelers, it’s no wonder Nupen Jewelers duly earned a reputation of excellence and high quality. With extensive training and apprenticeships originating in Norway, followed with direct experience working for Cartier and Tiffany in New York, the Nupen family boasts a long history of superior craftsmanship. Since its original establishment in Falls Church, Virginia, to its current location in Fairfax, Nupen Jewelers has exemplified excellence for over 60 years. From the moment you step into their elegant shop, you instantly feel welcome and assured that your request will be taken seriously and with great care. You can almost lose a sense of time as the shop provides a visual escape of luxury and splendor. Eye candy at its best.

Designs ranging from their Scandinavian roots with clean lines and contemporary motifs, to more elaborate Victorian pieces, to classic and traditional options; Nupen Jewelers is always ready to take on your special project.

Their philosophy is simple. Their custom designs are motivated by sentiment and occasion, and they ensure that each piece exceeds the customer’s expectations. Nupen works directly with their customers during every phase of the creative process. Whether a repair, a stone remount, a redesign, or a brand new piece; Nupen is prepared to offer their expertise in every phase. They treat precious metal and gem with respect whether its value is monetary or sentimental. Over the years, Nupen Jewelers has established long-term, personal relationships with their customers. This has been their company mission since their genesis.

Accreditations and Certifications

Master Goldsmith

GIA Trained Gemologist

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